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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Interesting that an entire boat supposedly was blown to smithereens, but Jerry’s passport and necklace conveniently got found. Also, Jasam didn’t get hit with any debris from the explosion. I was glad to see Jax get that phone call because at least they’re setting it up for a possible Jerry return in the future. Here’s hoping we get some sort of reaction from Alexis.

Speaking of Jasam, was it necessary for her to go to the penthouse? Couldn’t he have just dropped her off at her place? Doesn’t that place have a dryer so that they don’t have to dry their clothes on the fireplace?

As a Liz fan, I was not happy with her behaviour today. She heard one comment from Maxie, who clearly had an agenda after their earlier confrontation, then took off in the middle of her shift to run over to Jason’s to confront him and Sam. Ugh.

CarSon: I don’t understand why she didn’t let him fry for this. If the truth ever came out, wouldn’t Carly be an accessory since she gave him the gun? Also, I’m still tired of Jax’s back and forth.

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Loved the Laura/kids scenes, especially the boys, but I have to wonder if she knows who Johnny really is. She was all “he’s a good boy”, which made me wonder if anyone told her the truth.

Good-bye Genie, until next sweeps.