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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Kudos to Megan Ward. Girlfriend was rocking it today. Loved that Kate is finally, FINALLY released from the hospital. Loved her interaction with Maxie, which acknowledges that Maxie has kept thing going with the magazine in her absence. Loved, loved, loved her snark and her anger and her screaming at Sonny. That’s right girl, kick him to the curb where he belongs and go find someone who’s worthy of you.

Liz on the other hand, was pissing me off, and that’s hard for a die hard Liz fan to admit. The entire biatching at Sam and Jason, making it sound like they’re going off on fun trips to Disneyland together when in fact he was helping her escape Jerry’s clutches. Then, insisting that she wants a life with him, despite what’s happened with Kate and Micheal, despite the fact that she’s putting her children at risk, despite the fact that he still kills people for a living and is fine with it. Stupid, stupid girl.

I’m ok with the LuSam reunion, but they need more to their story now that Jerry is “dead” and so is Karpov. Sam needs a decent job and Lucky needs to tone down the jealousy and this couple could work.

Why is Sonny chasing after Carly and telling her not to chase after him? Was his brain deprived of oxygen when he went into the water? Carly has chased after him more times than I care for, but this time, she isn’t. In fact, she looks like she’s ready to throw up on him every time he shows up, so enough with the ego stroking.

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Ok, I get that the Russians are revenging, but is there no police force in Port Charles?

Nadine, Nadine, Nadine, I like you, but you are just so darn silly. You know she’s going to go throw herself at Nikolas’ feet and he won’t have any idea what the heck, or his lawyers will have already gotten him out of the deportation predicament. And she’ll get all atwitter again.