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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 11.13.08


Patrick's Dream... it looks like it's the entire Turkey Day episode. In it, Robin is dating Matt and Patrick seems to be a playboy but in the end the pair SHOULD be getting together. Does it really matter though? It's just a dream. Carly, Leyla and Elizabeth all appear. Scrubs Wedding? I don't have the details on the wedding but Patrick is proposing once again.

Liason... Elizabeth isn't jealous per say. At least not in the traditional sense. She's upset that she's the only person not allowed to be near Jason. Maxie, Sam and Spinelli were all there with him at some point, but she can't be. That is what is SUPPOSED to go down today. Liason make plans, a sort of date night that gets cancelled because of Mike's beatdown. Jason calls Liz, cancels and then he comes to the hospital to explain. Will Elizabeth be too upset to hear him out? Liason meet up on the roof and remember, this is when Jason is RUMORED to see his office on fire.

Elizabeth and Sam... Sam shows up at GH to explainto Elizabeth that she's not looking to revisit the past with Jason.

LuSam... they meet up at Sam's place and Lucky tells her he may need some time but he also can't stay away. They SHOULD kiss and make up with Lucky hating the danger Sam's put herself in.

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Claudia and Sonny kiss... well it's more like Claudia plants one on Sonny for good show and Kate is in the audience. Kate knows the plan... Sonny needs to get close to the Z's and get information on who shot Kate. Remember, he now believes Karpov wasn't the shooter. Will Kate spill the Dante beans?

Will Johnny leave the Z's? It looks like Johnny decides the mob family isn't for him anymore. Also... a new fab four? Spinelli, Maxie, Johnny and Lulu are all at the PH together. What could those crazy kids be up to?


RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Carly walks in on Kate and Jax! Jason tortures a man and Sam is a witness to it. New man coming for Carly... will she meet him at Jake's? Word is that the Sweeps Stunt has been delayed but what about the promised twist at the end of Sweeps? According to RUMBLINGS the twist is still happening.

Super Soap Weekend... Anyone attending? We'd love to hear about your experience and any SCOOPS that may get dropped.