Eyal Podell's Prime Time Line Up


Former Young and Restless star Eyal Podell has been a busy man since his time in Genoa City came to an end. The actor will be appearing on Fox's 24 as a government operative and on CW's The Game as a possible love interest to one of the main character's of the show, Kelly (Brittany Daniel).


Podell has also landed role on Defying Gravity, a new show appearing on Fox. The star will play Dr. Evram Mintz, a boozing doctor who also is a war-tested surgeon with a degree in psychiatry. The show is a futuristic drama that sets around eight astronauts from all walks of life that participate in a enigmatic international space mission for six years. The astronauts soon realize that their assignment isn't what is seems to be. Check your TV Guide for dates and times.