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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 11.14.08

It's a quiet Friday morning. Not too much to SCOOP for ya so you all know what that means.... It's Q&A Day! Ask away and I'll answer what I can.


Kelly's is trashed, Mike is beaten up and Jason cancelled on Elizabeth. It's aftermath day today on General Hospital. Maxie will go to the Jackal and Stonecold to tell them about the Russians. Jason is not happy with Maximista and tells her so. She was asked to keep her trap shut but she couldn't resist getting that verbal jab in on Elizabeth. The Russian baddie saw Maxie though and RUMORS have them following her from Sam's place too.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat... oh sorry I meant Liason. Didn't they have that same conversation before Michael was shot? Originality is not a GH writer's strongest asset is it? And this coming from a Liason fan! I liked the screen time they had together as both Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst are just so pretty together but I am over the giant leap forward they take as a couple to only have them derailed once again. Now Jason was visibly worried over their choice but he was intent on keeping his promise to Elizabeth. Wouldn't it have been better to have him be at her house and then get interrupted? At least then there would have been some movement, as little as it may have been, it would have been movement none the less. Instead we have Elizabeth ending the call in anger and disappointment. This time around however, Jason SHOULD be tracking his lady down to explain. Roof scene that of course is interrupted with that pesky fire going on at Jason's office. Sorry... it's frustrating.

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Anti-climatic ending? Jerry's gone, possibly dead but most likely not. Laura and Scotty gone. Did it all fall a little flat? Luke and Laura's goodbye was heartfelt and her time with her children was nice. It would have been nicer for the fans to see a little more of the Spencer Clan as a whole. It would have been nice to see Lucky and Elizabeth tell Luke the truth as well rather than the fans learning after the fact. The Spencers are a core family...use them while you have them. Oh wait, you let Genie Francis go, again. There have been RUMORS that Genie will be back, possibly in March. Will she stick around for a decent amount of time or will she only return to help Tony Geary off the canvas? There has been TALK of Tony Geary hanging it up. There was also TALK of Genie returning and sticking around for longer than a Sweeps period. We will see... we will see.


Back to Maxie for a bit. I love me some Kirsten Storms. I wasn't all that annoyed with her little plot to piss Elizabeth off as the ladies are not friends. I was upset that they had her deliberatly disrespect Spinelli. Bad writing or true to character? Sometimes a girl just can't help herself. Maxie has been spotted by the Russians at Kelly's and then again she'll be seen with Sam. Maxie is drugged and dumped on the same steps Georgie met her fate. Spinelli finds her and gets her to GH. MY GUESS: Spinelli is disappointed with Maximista for blabbing about Sam being at the PH. I'm sure they'll part with Spinelli upset and the Russians grab her.

Jake's Kidnapping... poor kid, barely two years old and he's been napped twice, caught in a fire and almost didn't make it out of his mommy's womb. Little Jacob Martin has had a tough life. If the paternity secret doesn't scar him for life... all that surely will. Jake's kidnapping gives us the kick off to today's RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Will Elizabeth offer herself in exchange for her son? Maybe this should be today's SPOILER or FANFIC? The LATEST? That Elizabeth tells the Russians she's Jason Morgan's fiance so they take her and leave Jake. 

More RANDOM RUMORS... Jax and Kate get a little payback by hitting the sheets. Is someone playing Jason by working for the Russians? Once again there are RUMBLINGS that Cody is double crossing Jason. Olivia learns that she has far more in common with Elizabeth than she realized. Patrick's dream starts when Patrick tells Robin he used to go on vacation for Turkey Day.