Pushing Daisies Alert


PUSHING DAISIES ALERT: According to E Online, the next two weeks are vital to the show's survival. ABC is waiting to make a decision on whether or not the show will be canceled to see how it does in the postelection environment. Here are the important quotes but be sure to read the whole article.


"We do want to see how Daisies does in the postelection viewing environment, which we have not been able to see yet," one ABC source tells me. "The next week or two will be critical."

"I think they're going to see how we do next week," Fuller confirms. "Our numbers went up by a million viewers opposite Obama—so thank you, Republicans! (Laughs) We're hoping it will be an upward trend, and if we can do that, I think we have an argument. But if we go down, then that does not bode well. And so we need everybody to do everything they can, and tell one and all that they need to tune in next Wednesday for this episode, and hopefully we can have an argument."

Pushing Daisies is one of the best shows on TV, please help spread the word and encourage people to tune in.