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Ratings: November 3 - 7, 2008


More of the same this week as most of the soap operas didn't move an inch with the household ratings list. As The World Turns moved up +0.1 in the ratings with +81,000 more viewers checking into Oakdale than last week. However they were not the biggest winners this week because All My Children saw a slightly larger total viewer increase of +83,000 more viewers tuning in compared to the previous week. And surpzingly One Life To Live had a +52,000 incease in viewership compared to last week most likely due in part to the Todd/Marty story that unfolded. Other winners this week are The Bold And The Beautiful who saw an increase of +35,000 more viewers and Guiding Light who had an increase of +29,000 more viewers compared to the previous week.

November 3, 2008 - November 7, 2008

1 Y&R 3.4

2 B&B 2.5

3 GH 2.2

4 DAYS 2.0

4 AMC 2.0

4 OLTL 2.0

6 ATWT 1.9

8 GL 1.5

Unfortunately not everything is rosey in the ratings game this November Sweeps. The biggest loss went to The Young And The Restless who had -30,000 viewers tuning out. Days Of Of Our Lives saw-21,000 more viewers tuning out compared to the previous week. And finally, General Hospital dropped -14,000 viewers compared to the previous week. 

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