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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Hey guys and gals! Your mama J was a bit tied up with real life, but had to stop everything for my kids. Here are some things going down on The Young and the Restless.


Billy: Remember a month ago when Mama J mentioned the tidbit of the youngest Abbott sibling with regards to Lily and Devon? That will be played out sometime next week with him donning his cape and give some legal assistance to Lily regarding Devon.

Jack: He tries to keep his marriage afloat.

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Sharon: She's pissed after learning hubby Jack's still keeping more secrets from her.

Phyllis: Let the games begin folks! Fiery Red's back up to her old tricks again. A woman scorned, Phyllis decides to leave a note to Nick that gives a hint of things.

Victor: He and Ashley hash things out.

Paul/Nikki: Fans of this coupling break out the party makers. After going up against Victor, the former lovers and now friends hit the sheets! Speaking of Nikki, look for her and Jill to draw a line in the sand after Katherine's will reading. Word on the street is Kay leaves her BFF Nikki some shares or control in Chancellor Industries and Jill is not happy. Jill assumes that in her mother's and on again-off again enemy's will, she'll get the keys to the kingdom. Before Kay died, she changed her will without Jill's knowledge.