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Another same-sex story ditched on Grey's?

A new fixture at Grey’s Anatomy is ex-Alias actress Melissa George. She’s already filmed four episodes, but will her story be nipped in the bud? According to E!Online she was originally pegged to play a bisexual character, but following ABC’s recent firing of Brooke Smith (Erica Hahn), execs are apparently rethinking the character’s path. A mild flirtation with Callie is said to lead nowhere, and plans for a passionate history with Meredith are said to have been scrapped. Maybe they’ll send the character in a different direction, but it doesn’t look promising.


Aside from Alias, George has starred in Home and Away, in which she was part of a hugely popular couple (Angel and Shane). That soap has provided The Young and the Restless with a couple of its current stars. Both Daniel Goddard(Cane Ashby) and Tammin Sursok (Colleen Carlton) started out on the Aussie sudser. While Goddard has been embraced by Y&R viewers, Sursok has received a mixed reaction from fans. Daytime Confidential’s own Jamey Giddens recently admitted to having a soft spot for her though. I reiterate DC contributer Mark Bowers’ thoughts on that, Jamey: “what on earth were you smoking?"


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