General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


These writers drive me insane sometimes. Kate gets shot on her wedding day at the end of September, but doesn’t get released from the hospital until a couple of days ago, at the beginning of November. Yet, Anthony has brain surgery on Scrubs' wedding day at the end of October and is already fine and out of the hospital two weeks later, without so much as a bandage. And Robin, who was bleeding to death as recently as the end of last week, is now better enough to be released, a week later. Sure.

Loved the Robin/Matt heart to heart. I like that they’re making Matt more likeable. Loved the Robin/Emma and Robin/Emma/Patrick scenes. They made this episode worthwhile to me. Well, them and Kate telling Sonny off again. Also loved Bernie’s apparent hatred and disgust towards Sonny when he was talking to Jason. That’s a side of Bernie we haven’t seen before.

I hate that Mike enables Sonny. “You had to kill him because he stabbed you.” Well, he wouldn’t have stabbed him if Sonny hadn’t accused him of shooting Kate and tried to kill him a couple of weeks ago.

I liked the Sam/Liz scene and the fact that they are still begrudgingly friendly towards one another, but I wasn’t in love with Sam admitting to Maxie that she’s a danger junky who likely would have jumped Jason’s bones if Liz hasn’t shown up. Where does that leave dumb, hot Lucky??

Hate Lulu’s self involvement. Yeah, Anthony burned down Kelly’s because of you. Hate everything JoLu. To me, there’s no chemistry there and I’m annoyed every time they come on screen.

Glad Johnny questioned why Anthony would force Claudia into marrying Sonny, but I’m not sure why he’s not stopping his father from doing it.

Where the heck are Ric and Alexis?