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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Schemes and revenge are all the rage on The Young and the Restless

After Victor makes a grand entrance at "Kay's funeral," both he and Ashley head to the Newman ranch. Victor then proceeds to tell Ashley that he's in Genoa City to stay and he considers her his family only. Once the funeral is over, Victoria swings by her dad's place and expresses regret for her behavior with he and Sabrina and father and daughter back in each other's good graces once again. Later on, Victor contacts Michael and requests his presence at the ranch to discuss the diary. Victor lets Michael know that the diary is bogus and wants Michael to set out and prove what they both know, the handwriting and contents are fake. Michael fills Victor in on who's responsible for the diary--Adam. Victor vows vengence upon his youngest son and turns his back on him once again.


While this is going down, Brad informs Heather that Victor's back in Genoa City, where she sets in motion a scheme that guarantee's Victor won't be able to flee again. Brad decides to help Heather out with her plan. Heather then heads out to the ranch and arrest Victor who promptly lets the eager A.D.A know that he plans on ruining her. More after the jump!

Phyllis gets in touch with Nick to give him the head's up on Heather's plans to bust Victor when he (Nick) heads for his father's home. Nick finds out that he's too late to tip his dad off and goes off to jail to visit Victor. Nick and Victor seem to get some things cleared up during their visit where Victor spots that Nick hand has been bandaged. It seems that my prayers have been answered, Nick and Adam had a fight that left Nick's hand injured. (The fight, not the hand!) Victor realizes what occurred between his sons and is touched that his eldest boy fought for his dad's honor.

Jill: Now as I reported before, Kay's will is going to leave Jill reeling. In the will, Katherine leaves some things to Nikki, Gloria and Esther, which causes Jill to rip into all of them. Before the will reading Amber decided against publishing the memoir that she and Katherine were working on. However, once Jill tears into her, she rethinks her earlier decision.

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