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How To Save A Soap, Y&R Style

Okay, I know I said I had to wait to see if Y&R was consistently good for six months before I jumped on another "Best Soap Ever" bandwagon, but hell tomorow ain't promised to a soap fan, so I'm going to give this show its props right here and now. Last week's episodes were better than hot sex in a foreign land with strangers that ends up with nary a trip to a free clinic for antibiotics.


Luke already hit the nail on the head with his amazing live blogging on Friday, so I won't make this a long post. Okay, I will try not to to. All I have to say is thank you, thank you,THANK YOU Y&R for showing this industry how it's done.

From the visually and romantically stunning Paris adventure; to Kay's faux death and the stellar choices made by actors-du-jour Jess Walton, Melodie Thomas Scott, Kate Linder, Daniel Goddard, Billy Miller, Liz Hendricksonand most notably, Adrienne Frantz; to Jeanne Cooper, the best actress in daytime right now, in what is starting to give Anne Heche's Vicky and Marley a run for my favorite dual role, as Marge and Katherine Part Deux ( I DIE when Marge calls Katherine, "Kath-urn"!); to the return of the still-hauntingly-beautiful Eileen Davidsonas Ashley "My Beauty" Abbott and a well-preserved Tricia Cast as Nina Webster Chancellor McNeil.

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Speaking of Nina, Tricia Cast MUST be put on on contract IMMEDIATELY! No one and I mean no one can take on Jill better than Nina. Mrs. Bell, I will actually pay you money (Do you take checks? If so don't cash it until the first of the month.) if you bring Nina back and have her set her sights on J.T. Even without the original adult Victoria (Heather Tom) in the role, it would be amazing to see Nina manage to steal another man (Nina also snatched Ryan and for a time Cole from Vicki) from the spoiled Newman brat!

Kudos to the cast and crew of daytime's number one soap—since there's no Daytime Emmy telecast next year I will remind people for you—for showing us how to save a soap.

Where Did I go Wrong?

I Lost My Fans,

Went back in time to Tex-as,

My soap was the best,

Now it's a hot mess,

All because,

I let him raaaape her again,

I wonder, how to save a soap