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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I was feeling a lot of hate today…!!

I HATED that closing scene, with Spinelli finding Maxie, crumpled on the park steps, just like Georgie. Georgie’s death was horrible and unnecessary and having it played again with another Jones sister was not something I want to see anytime soon.

I HATED Sonny’s behaviour throughout most of the episode. Sonny’s an asshat who deserves a good beat down. Loved that Jason pointed out to him that he’s the one who brought this mess down on them. And I loved that Jason told Sonny it was his organization and his men and no one would be helping the idiot.

I did however, find it interesting that Sonny cooperated with Lucky, probably for the first time in his stupid little criminal career, and then he turned back into the asshat by making the comment that the fire was likely started by someone coming after Jason. At that moment, Jason should have told Lucky that Sonny did in fact, kill Karpov. Stupid mob war.

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Hated Sonny badgering Olivia, while she’s recovering. It’s none of your business, leave her alone.

Hated that Liz had to run over to see Jason, despite knowing that he wasn’t injured. Silly, silly girl.

Hated Carly bribing Diane into representing her, only to have Diane blame Jax’ business trips for Carly’s infidelity.

Hated Lulu and her smugness towards Claudia and that comment that Johnny needs to make changes.  I'm thinking Johnny didn't like it either.

The only thing I liked were Scrubs and I’m hoping they don’t turn into one big stereotype after another.