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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 11.17.08


Will Jason shoot Sam as previously SCOOPED? It looks like that has been changed and Jason will realize its Sam before he fires. Jason is in the middle of a shootout with the Russians at the warehouse. He has no idea that Sam is there as well.

Elizabeth checks in on Jason... his office went up in flames and she wants to make sure he is ok. This SHOULD be when Jason decides the danger is too much and he'll want Elizabeth to take the boys and leave town. Lucky agrees and thinks Sam should go with them.

Sam escapes a gunshot twice! She'll fend off the Russians with a shotgun but its Elizabeth who saves the day and Sam by killing one of the men sent after them. He's about to shoot Sam but Elizabeth gets him first.

Remember I mentioned Spinelli avenging Maxie? And then I mentioned Johnny helping Spin out... well it looks like Spinelli goes after the Russians with a gun and we all know how Spinelli + a gun ends up. Well it looks like Johnny comes in at just the right time.

Claudia and Sonny… man and wife. Will a husband kill his bride when he learns she’s responsible for his son’s comatose state?

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Scrubs Wedding… It’s a Christmas Wedding for the new parents. What else is on board for the only couple allowed a little bit of happiness on this show? Turkey Day dream episode, moving into a new house and then their holiday nuptials with Daddy walking Robin down the aisle. That MAY be the extent of Scrub’s story and COULD be why Patrick was inserted into the Dante is Sonny’s son storyline.


A Prince milking a cow? A Nurse in a wedding dress? Nikadine and craziness ahead.

Nikolas vs. Jax… who do you think will win? It looks like Jax takes the lead when he buys Spoon Island and becomes Nikolas’ landlord. Remember there are RUMORS about a Spa Project that has Jax wanting to tear down the stables.

Carly’s got a gun… Sonny gives her a gun to keep for protection and I am sure he never intended for her to pull it on her soon to be ex and Kate. Carly walks in on a naked but covered by a blanket Jax and Kate. They’re basking in the glow of the fire and possibly the aftermath of a love session. Does Carly walk in before or after the deed? Not sure but she walks in and draws her weapon.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Anthony tells Sonny about Claudia’s role in Michael’s shooting. JoLu sex. Carly tries to mediate Jax and Nikolas. Olivia wants Jason to stop Sonny from marrying Claudia.Next Week because of the holiday, Thursday is a repeat of the wedding gone wrong (Skate) and there will be no episode on Friday.