The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers!


UPDATED 18.11.2008: Apparently, Marcus and Steffie do not split up, he receives a promotion and heads to Paris, possibly due to Thorne. 

Phoebe’s death will air in early December. Rick plays a part in her demise, and there are rumors that it could be a car crash. The repercussions will include an end to Brooke and Ridge’s wedding plans. Following the religious/spiritual overtones of Katie’s heart transplant (and her Storm-the-seamonster “vision”) the tragedy is said hark back to Darla’s death in some way. Maybe Taylor will be put through the wringer remembering her involvement in the accidental death?

Eric re-hires Owen at Forrester and makes sure he works closely with Donna. Owen tries to woo Donna; failing at that, he attempts to make her jealous. With Eric ready to stop divorce proceedings, Thorne steps in with proof of Donna’s supposed betrayal. Rumor is that Thorne’s scheme involves a bubble bath and a surveillance camera.

Katie and Stephanie go head-to-head. They’re set to have a difference of opinion over Donna, but will Stephanie also push for a Brooke/Nick reunion?

Marcus and Steffie are headed for Splitsville. Steffie gets Rick to admit his true motives and they bond, but Rick is disappointed that it’s only a friendship.

Ashley lets Eric know her intentions (i.e. “I’m sticking with The Moustache in Genoa City”).

One of my faves, Ashley Jones (Bridget), has renewed her contract and there are plans for a new romance down the line. Given the limited options, it’s likely to be Owen.

Rumors are swirling regarding the couples on B&B. Apparently, Brad Bell has now decided between Brooke/Ridge and Taylor/Ridge. One key player is said to be fuming. A spring 2009 Taylor/Ridge wedding was one rumored possibility, with a Katie/Nick/Brooke triangle playing out at the same time. My guess? Katherine Kelly Lang has already expressed her annoyance at Brooke’s waffling and she didn’t sound enthused that Brooke could be paired with her daughter’s ex-husband (Nick) yet again.

While I think that KKL and Jack Wagner are smoking hot together, I can’t overlook Bridget and how that character is constantly walked over. It’s obscene. Having said that, the Brooke/Ridge pairing makes me vomit the most. I can only find that jackass bearable when he’s with Taylor. I think Brooke needs some time away from both Nick and Ridge, and Nick needs some major redeeming (how many Logans has he impregnated now?). Then maybe when Bridget’s moved on, Brooke/Nick will seem palatable. Well, that’s my opinion. What’s yours?