Erica Kane, So Many Men to Choose From


All My Children's Erica (Susan Lucci) has had herself many a man over the years and one can't be too hard on her for it, after all she is Erica Kane. It's not like she's a wannabe diva from another ABC soap, who shall remain nameless for the sake of my hope (read the comments) that Pushing Daisies will be saved and who I must say nice things about for a month if it is, who slept with two men in one episode without a shower in between, but I digress. 


Once again, Erica finds herself the center of at least two mens' attention, Adam (David Canary) and Jack (Walt Wiley). With the return of David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry), one can only wonder what might be in store for the former lovers. 

Who do you want Erica with?