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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 11.18.08 Plus SPOILER pics at the end!


We talked about Elizabeth and Olivia having more in common than they realized and if you noticed the ladies have been sharing more screen time together. The LATEST for these two MAY be happening after Jake is grabbed by the Russians. RUMORS suggest that Elizabeth pushes people away taking all the blame on herself. Olivia confides in Elizabeth that Dante's Dad is a mobster also and she's protected him from that his whole life to avoid exactly what Elizabeth is going through now.

Will Elizabeth really push Jason away? According to RUMORS that COULD be happening. Don't forget there were RUMORS about Elizabeth offering herself for Jake. There have been plenty of RUMBLINGS about this one that I've held off reporting simply because it seemed like Fanfic to me. Will Elizabeth offer herself in a trade? Will the OLD RUMORS of Sonny helping come true?

Elizabeth is going to have a rough end of Sweeps. She kills a man and then her child is kidnapped, again. Her faith in the man she loves is shaken and everything she did to protect Jake from Jason's life was all for nothing. Jason will blame himself. He sent them out of town for their safety but left them unguarded. Such a Sonny thing to do... no guards.

Johnny and Lulu... they are hitting the sheets! Johnny is walking away from his family as he's not on board with the marriage of Sonny and Claudia. Speaking of the MOC... Johnny and Ric both try to talk Claudia out of becoming the latest Mrs. Corinthos. RUMORS say Ric goes to Jason and tells him about the pending nuptials.


Skate and CarJax... Jax and Kate have sex. Carly walks in with a gun in her hand, a gun Sonny gave her. She'll go to Sonny and tell him what she saw. Will Kate and Jax be a new pairing? RUMORS say they'll try it but it MAY not be in the cards for them.

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Robert's back from Switzerland to walk his daughter down the aisle. How long will he be around? It looks like he'll be back in PC just for the wedding and then it's back to Switzerland for more treatment. RUMORS say Anna MAY be joining him on his return trip as a way to usher Finola Hughes off the canvas. Guza was interviewed and he teased the possible returns of other characters for the wedding. When he talks however, I tend not to listen.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... There are still some out there that Lucky and Sam move in together. Will Jake's kidnapping have Elizabeth changing her mind about a life with Jason?