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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 11.19.08


Another Re-Opening? Shouldn't Luke be more concerned about Kelly's getting torched and trashed? I would think so BUT nope, he and Johnny discuss getting the Haunted Star back up and running today.

Speaking of Luke... what's going on with his marriage? RUMORS say Tracy files for divorce. Will Guza break the Q's out for a scene? It looks like Tracy's divorce has Monica and Edward getting dusted off and they SHOULD be guests at Robin and Patrick's Christmas Wedding.

Who else is getting dusted off? Alexis! She'll have scenes when Jason is arrested and RUMORS say her airtime will pick up next month. Will we ever see a reaction to Jerry's death?

More on the kidnapping... Jason SHOULD try to ease Elizabeth's fears but he'll of course have to leave. Both parents feel responsible for Jake's latest crisis. Will this have Elizabeth walking away from Jason? It's out there Liason fans.

Carly wants revenge... and we all know what that means. She's either got a plan cooking or she's going to do something really stupid. There were RUMORS of Carly going off and sleeping with a random after catching Jax and Kate. The LATEST? Get a salt shaker... the man Carly has her one night stand with turns out to be her new guard. Do we really need another character? Where have Max and Milo been? There's a mob war going on and Sonny's guards are nowhere to be found.

Dante, Dante, Dante... will he forever live in Olivia's phone? There were plenty of RUMORS out there over the casting of Dante. The LATEST? That we MAY not meet Dante in the flesh until after the new year. What happened? Well it looks like things got leaked before the paperwork was signed and then it fell apart.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Another wedding? Tracy and Luke may be saying I Do, again. More Matt and Liz rumblings although that RUMORED date never happened. Another Matt RUMOR... he and Maxie MAY kiss. Olivia vs. Claudia. Alexis steps down as DA. A new DA already waiting in the wings?

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Don't forget to check the comments. SCOOP gets dropped all day long and well, we're an entertaining bunch! Here's what you may have missed yesterday:

I am not sure how long Jake is gone... some say he's back and safe mid-December others are saying that he is still missing at the holidays. There are RUMORS that it's all too much for Elizabeth and she heads down the road that most of the women of GH find themselves on...RUMORS of Elizabeth having a mental breakdown. Like I said... she kills a man, her son is taken and everything she's done up to this point was for nothing. A girl has her limits.

Rebecca Herbst urged fans to write in for Liason. Her attitude gave me the impression that Liason is not heading in the direction Liason fans would hope.

I mentioned yesterday that Sam is not shot by Jason but she is at the warehouse when guns are blazing.
Why? Well she wants to work with Jason he tells her no and she goes to Sasha hoping to still work undercover on her own. Sorry Sam but your cover is blown when Jason doesn't shoot you. It's Jason who brings Sam to Elizabeth's where Lucky will be.


I have to give kudos to whoever is behind Scrubs' writing lately. They were extremely cute and REAL yesterday (Monday).

Elizabeth Scoop... some have her going crazy, some have her making deals with the devil. Who is the devil? It SEEMED like Sasha but what if it's someone else?

I've been waiting on a little more,
maybe even a little birdie to confirm, but hell I'm a girl with too much work and very little time. LOL. So here it is... there are RUMORS about an Agent coming to FBI agent. Would make a lot of sense if it was Jagger coming back but he was written out of Night Shift and back to Cali (is that where he was prior to the return?) to deal with his baby's momma. So the LATEST RUMOR...SCOOP...maybe Fanfic is that an FBI Agent comes to help in the kidnapping investigation. Possibly being played by Mark Pinter (Roger Smythe, AMC; Grant, AW). This Agent will take an obvious interest in the mob element in town as it was the Russian Mob who took Jake and Jason Morgan's interest in the missing tot will also have the agent going hmmmmm.

Another re-do? Isn't this how we met Reese? Is there a dictionary in the writer's room at GH? I'd like for them to look up the definition of ORIGINALITY.

Here's a thought...
how about you have the PCPD succeed in something. Maybe Mac can find Jake? Maybe Harper can...he's hot, I wouldn't mind seeing him more. It's a fellow officer's son that is missing AGAIN... let them rally. Your precious Mob stays in tact and the PCPD don't look like idiots.... wait, I've said this before haven't I? Gee... think it's because it's what the fans would like to see? KUDOS to John J. York! He rocked his scenes yesterday (Tuesday)!


So now let's guess... this FBI Agent being brought in (IF THE RUMORS ARE TRUE) we all know how this story goes. He'll wind up being someone from someone's past... Sam's Dad? Maybe Spinelli's? Jeff Weber with a new face?