1981 Flashback: The Edge of Night


is an amazing thing. If there was one soap I wish that I could watch on television every day, it would the The Edge of Night (1956-1984). Mysteries, murders, intrigue and trials ruled the soap for years before it was cancelled. Many actors are still held in high regard and fans of the show still mourn it's loss.

What makes this 1981 clip so much fun is the people who are in it. Test your knowledge and see if you can figure out who they are! Find out their names after the jump.

Chris Goutman (Executive Producer, ATWT); Mady Kaplan (Marie Kovac, ATWT 1985); Lori Loughlin (primetime and movie actress); and Mark Arnold (primetime actor). Their characters were Matt Sharkey, Bobbie Gerard, Jodie Travis and Gavin Wylie.