Andrea Evans: "I Would Love to Work With Tuc"

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In a recent interview with TV Guide Canada'sNelson BrancoAndrea Evans weighed in on the lack of screen time between Tina and David Vickers.


TVG: Were you bummed out about not acting with Mr. Scene Stealer himself, Tuc Watkins [David]?

AE: [Sighs] I know. I was disappointed about that. I would love to work with Tuc, and hopefully one day we will. Instead, I got the next best thing, David Vickers the dog! You know what was funny about that? I got so much mail asking why Tina didn’t realize David was a she and not a he! “Didn’t you realize he was female when Little David Vickers didn’t lift his leg up to pee,” they’d ask. But you know what? I have a six-year old golden retriever dog who has never lifted his leg.

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