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Beth's Super Soap Weekend Re-Cap

I've had plenty of requests for Super Soap Weekend Scoop. Not much was spilled in terms of Spoilers at the last SSW but Daytime Confidential Reader Beth just gave us her recap of the event. Thanks Beth!


Hello Regan!

I apologize for my delay in writing you. I had a family issue come up right after I got back from FL and I've been wrapped up in that the last couple of days. I'm sure you've heard most of the scuttlebutt from SSW, but I've got some tidbits I can pass along:

I did get to see the GH promo, and it was basically a longer version of the Nov. Sweeps promo they've been running for a couple of weeks now. Really, nothing you've not seen before.

The first event I attended was a GH motorcade with TC, KM, GV, JT, KMc, LW and BH. The only story tidbit that came out of it was about the Scrubs wedding in Dec. with both Robert and Anna. Apparently, in an earlier talk show, TC had revealed that Nik was going to be milking a cow in an upcoming episode (GROAN), so there was a lot of talk about cows and udders and teats at this show. It was bizarre, frankly, but Kelly got off the line of the day by telling Tyler that if she wasn't his cousin he could milk her! Becky talked about how much she was going to miss SSW. Greg said that he had brought his son and wife with him, and to prepare his son for WDW they had taken him to Disneyworld. He was apparently afraid of the characters and Greg told him not to hurt Mickey Mouse because he wanted to keep his job! That's really all that came out of that show.

We stuck around for the AMC show after that with ER, RPG, DW, BE, and VI, and they were all great. RPG was snapping pictures of the crowd as he came through the motorcade. Eden's very proud of her current story and likes the direction it's going. She plans to stick around the show as long as they want her. Ricky Paull talked about how it was important to him to be a part of an established family when he joined AMC, so he was thrilled to get the role of Jake. Someone pointed out that Jake had shot his grandmother in the past, and Vincent cracked that that's why he thinks Jake's a lousy doctor! Darnell has been working as a director for ABC Daytime since 2001 and actually directed the first lesbian kiss on daytime. He's thrilled to be back in a role he loves doing something he loves in his hometown. Bobbie talked about her work with Broadway Cares, and talked about what she was going to sing at the Street Jam that night. Vincent loves working with Bobbie and is really happy to be back at AMC.

I got a fastpass to meet Greg Vaughn, and he was his usual sweet, attentive self. He's very popular among the SSW fans, and he's great to all of his fans.

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We got in line for the afternoon GH talk show with Bob Guiney, and we were about 25 people from getting in when they cut it off and wouldn't allow anyone else in. Bleh. We decided to try again on Sunday.

On Sunday, we went to a couple of the Triple Play Game Shows hosted by John-Paul Lavoisier, who is just fantastic. He's funny and has such a sharp wit, and is very popular among the SSW fans. The first show had Aiden Turner, Tyler Christopher, and Bree Williamson, and the second had Rebecca Budig, Laura Wright, and Susan Haskell. Laura and Susan were really competitive! They do a kind of Pictionary game for the first round, and those two were getting into their pictures big time! Very funny to watch.

We then went to a GH motorcade and Q&A with KS, BA, JC, JMB, and BB. Brandon was taping the crowds while coming through the motorcade. Nothing major came out of it but all of the actors were fun to watch. Bradford and Jason have a funny "rivalry" going about which character will end up with Maxie. Bradford's really, really popular with the fans, and it's not hard to see why. He's enthusiastic and a lot of fun and really embraces his fans.

After sitting in line for two hours, we did finally get into the last GH indoor talk show with LW, BB, KMc, JT, JMB, JC, GV, and BA, and what fun it was! There was a little girl, probably no more than five, who really wanted to meet Bradford but had gotten sick and was getting ready to go home. Somehow TPTB got wind of this and invited the girl onstage before the show started, and Bradford came out and met her. He hugged her and talked to her for a little bit, and she sang "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to him. Believe me, it was as cute as it sounds. It's hard not to like Bradford after that! Bob Guiney is a hoot, really funny. He knows these actors well and they kid around with each other constantly. JC and BA continued their "fight" during the show and GV, who was inbetween them, went and hid beside LW. BA had performed at the Street Jam the night before with Bob's band and had apparently danced around the stage, so he and Bob got up and showed everyone how they frolicked. Words can't do that justice. JMB kidded that Lulu gets hooked up with every new guy on the show, Brandon looked a little crushed at that, and LW told him they could hook up together. Greg said that hands down his son's favorite ride so far was Dumbo. It was all a lot of fun. Thank goodness for the actors on this show. Otherwise it would be completely unwatchable, IMO.

Most popular for fastpasses were Michael Easton, Brandon Barash, Bradford Anderson, Thorsten Kaye, and Susan Lucci. The men always go first for those.

A petition was being circulated through the fastpass lines Saturday morning to keep SSW going. It had a lot of signees. I said that BH commented on how she would miss SSW. LW encouraged everyone to sign a petition, and Bob Guiney said he even signed one! There were a lot of t-shirts protesting the end, also. I'd say this was probably the lowest attendance I've seen for SSW, but I think that has a lot to do with the economy and such.

Jason Cook said that he surprised Farah Fath on Saturday at an OLTL talk show. He hid behind some people towards the back of the theater and asked if he could give Farah a hug. Then he popped out and surprised her.

And I also met Ricky Paull Goldin, who was polite and very nice and, well, pretty darn hot!

Thanks, Beth