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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I get that Robin is supposed to be tough and difficult and whatnot, but someone who’s just had a C-Section with severe complications, should not be left alone to care for an infant. I know that it was done to make Patrick look like the best of all dads and Robin the worst of all mothers, but really. Also, KMc should have been told how someone who’s just had surgery should walk and sit because she’s far too spry under the circumstances. I know, I had a C-Section seven months ago and you just don’t move around like that right after. Also, was that a high chair she was trying to put together? I’m thinking she’s not going to be needing that for a couple of months. It can’t wait? And Patrick’s talk with Elizabeth about how often they should feed the baby; did they not read any books or attend parenting classes that would tell them that? Feed her one big meal? Seriously?

I like Olivia, but I’m hating this flirty thing she and Sonny have going on. And could Sonny shower, shave and change that suit already? I can practically smell him through the TV.

Kudos to Branford Anderson yesterday when he found Maxie and Mac was yelling at him; then today with his resolution to get the evil doers. I just hope it doesn’t turn into another Jason saves Spinelli because he’s weak situations.

Kate, Kate, Kate: Love her, but I hate that she’s going to tell this secret because it’s not her secret to tell. And all it will get her will be Sonny’s barware throwing, spit producing “betrayaaaaalllll” that I can live without.

Did it not sound like an army of men were going to hit that warehouse? Didn’t I only see Jason, Cody and some other guy? Or did I miss the eleventy hundred others?

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