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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 11.20.08


It's all about Sonny and Jason. Isn't that what it always boils down to? Guza's greatest pairing ever... Love in the Afternoon. One time friends turn enemies running rival mob syndicates. Will their relationship be destroyed beyond repair? Is this all one big fake out as previously RUMORED? Does anyone care?

Jason's distracted, his son has been kidnapped and Sam thinks he's walking into a trap. Will Sonny start reclaiming his old stomping grounds while Jason's head is elsewhere?

Sonny and Claudia marry... Anthony thinks he has the upper hand. Sonny thinks he's playing the old man. Claudia wants the power that comes along with her new title. Will Sonny find out that his new bride is responsible for Michael's shooting? RUMORS have said it's coming and remember Sarah Brown is only signed on through January. No word on her status with the show as many SPECULATE she'll be throwing her hat into the Pilot season this year.

Jason's arrested. Alexis, after they get the cobwebs off her, refuses to release him and wants him to pay for the turmoil happening all over town. Diane begs her friend to cut her client loose or things may get worse.

Elizabeth walking away... Sorry Liason fans but it's coming. Does this mean the end of Liason? I have very little hope left. Elizabeth will blame herself as we already discussed. She'll tell Lucky he was right about her staying away from Jason. "I told you so" coming from Lucky? Not really but he'll agree that she should have stayed away and tells Elizabeth finding Jake and keeping Cameron safe is what is most important.

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Is Sasha's time in Port Chuck ending? RUMORS have her dying. Doesn't Jason Morgan have a policy against killing women?

Lulu vs. Claudia round 200,000... Do I need to send these writers a dictionary? Originality... say it with me. How many times is Claudia going to go after her brother's girlfriend?

Scrubs... so Kudos to whoever wrote the Scrubs going home with baby stuff earlier in the week. But I must ask who's idea it was to have Robin look like a complete idiot yesterday. Before you say you don't know what baby Emma needs, how about you try something? Robin has cared for a baby before... remember the kid you shot in the head and put in a coma?


Divorce is an ugly experience. Will Carly go after Jax's half of Crimson? Will Carly find herself with another secret? RUMORS say she finds out about Dante.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat... Jake's kidnapped, again. Claudia and Lulu argue, again. Stupid Scrubs stuff, again. Jason's too dangerous for Elizabeth, again. Sonny gets married, again. Paternity secret, again. Jason arrested, again. I'm over it, again.