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Guiding Light and The Return of the Dastardly Prince

No that isn't the title to a Harlequin Romance about a Dubai royal who forces his personal assistant into a marriage of convenience only to ascend to his father's throne—though it would be a good one if I do type so myself— Guiding Light is bringing back Prince Nasty Pants, Edmund Winslow (David Andrew Macdonald), according to We Love Soaps.


When we last saw the former ruler of San Cristobel, he was on perma drool thanks to Cassie's demon seed, adopt-o-brat. I always liked Edmund. He was like the Jan Brady of the House of Winslow. "Richard! Richard! Richard!"

 My guess is with Cassie (mercifully) gone, Edmund will be back to cause trouble for Richard's doppelganger Jeffrey and Edmund's one-time sister-in-law Reva, or to sell the story of her pregnancy to The National Examiner.  

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