The Young and the Restless Spoilers

If you thought the spoilers I brought you earlier are hot check out the ones below for The Young and the Restless.

The barista comes upon Kay's money that Kevin has hidden.


Ashley: Ms. Thing has some news to share.

Sharon: Mrs. Abbott finally snaps when learns that Jack has been feeding her lies.

He flips the script.

Paul/Nikki: Things start to heat up for the former lovers turned friends. Not wanting his friend to face the emotional turmoil in her life alone, Paul extends an invitation for Nikki to crash at his place. Nikki takes her buddy up on his offer. Nikki gets summoned to the ranch by Victor who promptly accuses her of taking his journal from Mexico back to Genoa City. Victor is very hostile and borders on sadistic with Nikki when she decides enough's enough and lights right back into him. Nikki returns to Paul's place still upset over her showdown with Victor where Paul gives Nikki a ear to listen and praises her for holding her own against The Black Knight where Nikki states she's happy for standing her ground against her ex. More after the jump!

The two then take a trip down memory lane which leads them to make love... Long time fans may recall that this isn't the first time around for Paul and Nikki to hit the sack, the last time was when they were kids where Paul gave Nikki VD! Seems like Nikki overlooks that part of their past... Even though the duo have tiny bit of regret separately the next morning, they agree to continue the romantic aspect of their relationship--on the down low and away from the judgment of family and friends. As Melody Thomas Scott states:

It's a precarious situation to take a close friendship of 30 years, to suddenly change the dynamics of that friendship into a romance. It could end their friendship forever! It's dangerous.

The biggest obstacle the rekindled couple have is the one that has driven Nikki straight into Paul's bed, Victor. Even though he's pissed off and blames her for the death of Sabrina and their unborn child Victor has a habit of staking claim and inserting himself in Nikki's love life no matter who they are both with at the time. Both Paul and Nikki need to watch their backs once Victor gets wind of this latest development because true to form he will try to demolish it and it could lead to a volitile confontation between Victor and Paul if the clandestine relationship is revealed. All around Victor is a big factor of the couple's revisited relationship. If Paul and Nikki's relationship is to be brought on a serious plateau, Nikki will have to finally let Victor go once and for all.