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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 11.21.08

Friday's have officially become slow spoiler days. So it looks like Luke was right, Friday's are Q & A Day! Ask away...I will answer what I can.


The big question is who finds Jake and when will the little boy be back home where he belongs? NO IDEA. It's really not clear. Some say it lasts only a few days while others say Jake's still missing mid-December. Here's my question... when did kidnapped babies and children being shot in the head become good soap?

I know the Spoiler blogs have had plenty of commentary from good old me lately but hey, I've been writing this blog long enough, I think I've earned my soap box. Plus, like I said, it's a slow day. Bring back the LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON and tone down the violence. I will never suggest getting rid of the mob all together. Most of my favorite General Hospital moments are mob driven. But they are moments. Not months and months of never ending mob crap with my only dose of love in the afternoon being limited to Scrubs' ridiculous bickering and Nikadine's comedy of errors.

Olivia... I like her, my roomie, not so much. More time with Carly. More scenes with Elizabeth. More of her hiding her secret.

Kate... Anyone catch the death anvils yesterday? There were RUMORS that Kate Howard MAY be dying. So far, nothing concrete to validate that RUMOR but they have been out there.

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Lulu... I dropped in the comments yesterday that Lulu MAY wind up pregnant. There are RUMORS of her having news for Johnny and fainting in front of Maxie. I liked Lulu yesterday, which is rare for me.


Johnny... Walks away from the Z's. Hates that Claudia is the latest Mrs. C. RUMORS have him getting his drink on and Lulu coming to his rescue for a change.

Jax and Nikolas... The boys are at war. We've already talked about Jax's plans to knock down the stables and build a Spa on Spoon Island.

Liason... My fellow Liason fans know I've lost hope. Of course I am secretly hoping I am wrong but IF I'm not, the disappointment won't kill me if my hopes are low. Elizabeth and Jason will have more angst. That's the only thing I know for sure.

That's all I got... but it is the Ohio State - Michigan game tomorrow and you all know I'm a BUCKEYE! So GO BUCKS!