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Ratings: November 10 -14, 2008


With November Sweeps in full swing, the ratings are showing some great rebounds and one bad drop for a particular CBS soap opera. Firstly One Life To Live triumphed with huge gains in total viewership with +219,000 more people watching the residents of Llanview compared to the previous week. They not only moved up two spots in the household ratings to a 2.2 but also surged ahead of General Hospital in total viewers.

November 3, 2008 - November 7, 2008

Rank Soap HH Total Viewers

1 Y&R 3.6 (+0.2) 4,876,000

2 B&B 2.5 3,481,000

3 GH 2.2 2,889,000

3 OLTL 2.2 (+0.2) 2,912,000

5 AMC 2.1 (+0.1) 2,683,000

6 DAYS 2.0 2,670,000

7 ATWT 1.9 2,535,000

8 GL 1.4 (-0.1) 1,950,000 New Lowest Rating EVER!

November 3, 2008 - November 7, 2008

1 Y&R 3.4

2 B&B 2.5

3 GH 2.2

4 DAYS 2.0

4 AMC 2.0

4 OLTL 2.0

6 ATWT 1.9

8 GL 1.5

The other big gains were to The Young And The Restless and The Bold and The Beautiful. Although it astounds me how B&B just can't seem to bust out of its 2.5 household rating for what seems like the zillionth week, they did however see a big increase of +102,000 more viewers tuning into the soap compared to the previous week. Y&R did see a jump up two spots to a 3.6 and a big jump of viewership of +202,000 compared to the previous week. The other soap that saw modest gains was All My Children that moved up one spot to 2.1 and had +19,000 more people tuning into Pine Valley's finest compared to the previous week.

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Now with more of the same. General Hospital stayed in third spot this week and had a loss of -6,000 viewers compared to the previous week. Days Of Our Lives

and As The World Turns both lost -16,000 more viewers compared to the previous week. What will it take to jump start either of these soap operas?

And finally the worst news of the week goes to Guiding Light. They landed at their lowest rating EVER of a 1.4 and had dropped to thier lowest total viewership of 1,950,000 viewers. That is a loss of -115,000 people compared to the previous weeks totals. Ouch! Will the Light be extinguished for good any time soon because of this or will it flicker on?