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"Destiny" Comes A-Knocking On B&B


Was Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge’s (Ronn Moss) Malibu reconciliation a return to romance for The Bold and the Beautiful, or are they beating a dead horse?

Brooke and Ridge's relationship divides viewer opinion, but it can’t be denied they have their fervent fans. For over twenty years they have been at the center of the action on B&B. Personally, I can’t bear them together. Ridge is such an arrogant jackass and he treated Brooke like his back-up, ego-stroking floozy for years. Yes, I remember, I was there the first time it looked like Taylor had croaked, but was in fact being held captive by a Moroccan Prince. As always, Brooke stepped up and offered herself to Ridge. She still can't get enough of him. 


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What is it with that jerk? The smarmy pig must be damn good in the sack to keep all those women throwing themselves at him. And don’t get me started on that ugly Cracker Jack box ring he gave her. Sorry, Ridge fans.

As much as I dislike the coupling, the flashbacks to 1994’s Malibu wedding, and both of them showing up at the same spot, was cheesy as hell, but I loved it. Brooke on horseback, Ridge on a mountaintop… what’s not to like? Well, the couple I guess, but whatever. It was gloriously soapy. The history between Brooke and Ridge is a cornerstone of this show, so it was a welcome relief from the Katie and Donna-centric storylines that have been playing out.


The same old tosh about Brooke and Ridge's “destiny” and proclaiming never to part again had me gagging, but I’ve been watching their interplay for years and it’s something I’m invested in, which is more than can be said for my sympathy for Katie’s ongoing perils, or Donna’s idiotic tramp shtick.


Now, flashbacks of Brooke and Ridge’s jungle wedding would’ve had me puking in a bucket, so I’m grateful they didn’t go there. Loincloth? Check. Headdress? Check. That was a sight to behold.