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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Been busy the past few days, so my thoughts are brief...

I'm beginning to question Olivia's purpose on this show (and in this town!). She was invited to the wedding and she came, fine. Kate gets shot and she sticks around, fine. Now Kate's recovered and Olivia's all over the place, in everyone's mob business, like she knows what's going on. Does she not have a life to get back to? A job to get back to? Is she living here permanently now? If they needed someone to run around and tell Jason what to do, why not have Kate do it. Seems like Kate's character has become obsolete, especially since we never see her at work, nor Maxie or Lulu either.

As for Kate, I'm glad she didn't tell Sonny the secret (although how he didn't figure it out by what she was saying and Olivia's sudden appearance is beyond me). When Kate was off to tell Sonny, didn't she understand the repercusions of telling him? That everyone elses' lives would be changed as well? Dante, Olivia or the rest of the Falconieris? Seemed a bit selfish to be all about what Sonny should or shouldn't know.

Sam/Liz: They get sent away, by themselves, alone with no protection. Uhm, ok.

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Sonny/Claudia: They're both way too happy about this marriage and I for one am not looking forward to another woman falling for Sonny because you know that's what Claudia's going to do. Johnny seems way angrier than a brother should be.

Jax/Carly/Nik: Ok, it's scary when Carly's the one making sense. I get that Jax is pissed at Nik's interest in the hotel but this seems to be going a bit too far.

While I appreciate Q/Lacey scenes, I'm not sure I appreciate Luke and Tracy having the exact same conversation for the eleventy billionth time. Let's write some fresh material, shall we?

Where on earth is Alexis?  She's the DA and the Russians are destroying the town, but she's nowhere to be seen.  Her boyfriend just got killed and she's nowhere to be found.  WTH?