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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 11.24.08


Elizabeth and Sam under fire... Jake is kidnapped... Jason in handcuffs. Elizabeth and Sam handle themselves with Elizabeth killing a Russian. Jake is taken and thanks to the Jackal, Jason is free as a bird. He's too late to save Jake from being grabbed but he is on the hunt with Sam sitting co-pilot to save his son.

Again, the question remains... Who finds Jake and how long is he gone? Still not sure but there are a few things that MAY help us solve the case! Mark Pinter has been cast as Agent Rayner. We've been talking about this possibility in the comments and SPOILER blogs. Agent Rayner is said to have scenes with Jason where they talk business. Who's business? Rayner's or Jason's? There was TALK that Agent Rayner comes in to assist in the kidnapping investigation. He'll first appear on December 11th. So if the RUMORS are correct and he's brought in because of Jake's kidnapping, we must ASSUME that Jake is still missing as of the 11th. NOW, it's highly possible that Agent Rayner comes to town because of the escalated mob violence and not necessarily because of the kidnapping.

Face of Deception Re-do? More shocking... Lulu goes back to work!? Remember I mentioned Carly going after Crimson? The LATEST on that one is that she succeeds and it's Maxie on Team Kate with Lulu backing her cousin on Team Carly. Sounds like the GH writers are dusting off an old script where it was Laura vs. Carly over who should be the Face of Deception, Elizabeth or Gia. Re-do or not... I actually MAY be on board for this storyline. Having Carly have an interest in Crimson brings the magazine some much needed attention.  WORD of CAUTION... some are saying this Carly gets her hands on Crimson storyline is FanFic. Since I actually like this idea, it probably is. FanFic is so much better!

Another Re-do? What started out as revenge MAY grow stronger. Similar to LuSam, Kate and Jax are all about getting back at their respective former partners but will they go down the same path and Lucky and Sam? RUMORS say the pair MAY develop some real feelings for one another.

So if we're POSSIBLY getting a Kate and Jax pairing.... are we in store for a Sonny and Carly reunion? Not likely as it looks like Sonny and Olivia MAY be what's in store next. Sonny has a little thing called a wife to deal with first.

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Next on Jax's list... he already owns the island, he may as well own Wyndamere too. Is Ingo Rademacher heading out of PC or just on vacation? RUMORS say his character Jax is heading off on one of his long trips. Rademacher extended his current contract until December. So far, no word on what happens once that extension has expired.

such an organic coupling which only means GH will find a way to ruin it. Can Anthony keep Ric in line by dangling Sonny's demise in his face? Claudia wants Ric on the side, Ric is not sure about playing second best to his brother. Will Claudia start to feel some sort of loyalty to her new husband?


Dante... So many SPECULATIONS what's a girl to run with? While it appeared Dante's casting was a done deal, it is not. Could it be that all this negative GH talk by the fans had some actors re-thinking the role? Who knows, in this industry, nothing shocks me anymore. How about some Dante SCOOP? It seems like Sonny's first born, until another one pops out of the woodwork, will live in a phone for the time being. I mentioned Carly learning about the son Sonny never knew about. What if I told you the LATEST word is that she calls Dante claiming to be his mom's friend?

Johnny and Lulu... Will Lulu be preggers? Some info SEEMS to be pointing in that direction and the young lovers MAY be moving in together. Johnny is losing a roomie so I guess the space is available but if you were Lulu would you move into the apartment where you killed your ex?

Aunt Raylene... A prince may not be good enough for her niece.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Elizabeth trashes the studio. Patrick on babysitting duty? Laura checks in with her kids. Robin with Post Partum? Uncle Matt helps out with Emma. Will Sam be the one to save Jake? Is this a way to redeem Sam in Jason's eyes? Will Elizabeth betray Jason? Remember the RUMOR that she makes a deal with the devil? What if that devil was a fed? Would that be re-do #3? Would Elizabeth really betray Jason after all they've been through? So many questions... who has the answers?