Johnson Inks New Deal at Days; Duhon, Prescott and Bruce Tested for Philip!

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It appears Soap Opera Mafia Don/Days of Our Lives executive producer Ken Corday had three name actors lined up to replace Jay Kenneth Johnsonas Philip Kiriakis had Corday's strong arm tactics to scare the actor not worked. Reliable sources reveal Dylan Bruce(ex-Chris, ATWT), Jon Prescott(ex-Mike, ATWT) and Josh Duhon(ex-Logan, GH) all tested for the role of Philip Kiriakis. However, Johnson did indeed sign a new contract.


"They had to have already had these actors lined up," says the source. "No work is done in Hollywood on the weekend, so the Days execs must have already had them ready just in case."

I have to admit it was perfect strategy for "someone" to leak the news of Johnson allegedly clearing out his dressing room to Soap Opera  just before the magazine was set to break the soap story of the decade, the firing of Deidre Halland Drake Hogestyn. I'm sure the logic was, what kind of sympathy will Johnson get from fans who are reeling from the loss of the show's two biggest stars? Silly Corday, tricks are for kids.