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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 11.26.08


Sweeps... It's winding down. Was anyone impressed? FYI... Sweeps is over as of today.

More drama for Sonny and Jason... Jason does not want Sonny's help finding Jake.

Patrick and Robin... They'll be good friends to Elizabeth. RUMORS have Patrick stopping by to check on her and staying to watch Cameron while Elizabeth takes care of some things. Lucky gets there and Patrick tells him Elizabeth went to her studio. According to these RUMORS this will be after Elizabeth confronts Sasha at the PCPD. She's RUMORED to leave there and head to her studio where she trashes the place in frustration. Scoop on the new parents... it looks like there will be more of Patrick as super dad and Robin as a mom who can't seem to get a handle on her newborn. I dropped possible post partum for Robin yesterday.

Liason & LuSam... I've been losing my faith that Liason comes out the other side of all this in one piece. Some more angst, some good scenes and most likely an ending. LuSam SHOULD be better off for the immediate future BUT there is still that pesky JaSam reunion we keep hearing about.

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JaSam in the cave... It's an explosion that has them trapped. Sam MAY be talking about Jake's Kidnapping 1.0 while in the cave, Jason MAY not want to hear it.

More on Jake... Explosion? Another one COULD be happening at the cabin where Jake is being held.

Spixie Babysits!
It looks like Maxie and Spinelli take care of Baby Emma. While I love this as it will no doubt be cute, shouldn't Spinelli be helping Jason locate his son? RUMORS have Jason not wanting help from anyone but it still looks like Sam will be his sidekick.


March Sweeps... Remember, February Sweeps is now March Sweeps and with the way time flies, it's right around the corner. Some preliminary info is being dropped. Possible deaths, more mob... Basically the same shit, different month.

RANDOM and CRAZY... Liason says goodbye with Jason giving Elizabeth money for the boys. Alexis' girls are getting dusted off too. More Diane and Max. Another brief Quartermaine family appearance. Sad, but most likely true, no Luke - Robert interaction when Robert returns for the wedding.

HAPPY TURKEY DAY! Remember I'm taking tomorrow off for my new baby cousin's birth! Turkey Day is an off day as well and I will do my best to fill you up on Scoops on Friday. Everyone have a safe and healthy holiday!