BREAKING NEWS: Susan Lucci Safe at All My Children!

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Don't believe the Globe magazine story that had All My Children frontwoman Susan Lucci "facing the axe".  According to reliable sources, the superstar is definitely safe.


"Susan signed a new longterm deal awhile back," says one source. "It was in place before she booked Dancing With the Stars." 

"Brian [Frons] isn't stupid," says another source. "He may do some questionable things, but he recognizes star power. Susan is the face of daytime and he gets that."

The Globe report, that hit newstands last Friday, ran as part of a center spread which also revealed Deidre Hall was on her way out at Days of Our Lives. Since we know how that story turned out we figured the Lucci story was worth looking into. Thankfully, daytime's most famous face will be sticking around to make breaking news for the forseeable future.  Photo courtesy of Getty Images.