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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Did I miss a segment or was it just bad editing? The last we see of Liz (Rebecca Herbst), she’s just shot the Russian guy and then she’s standing at the door, screaming Jake’s name. Who and when did anyone come in and grab the baby? And who’s lame brained idea was it to send two women and two children away alone? I really, really hope this is the wake up call that Liz needs to put away all her stupid Jason fantasies.

Where and when did Carly (Laura Wright) get that gun? Also, Carly’s talking to Olivia, then walks into Kate’s house with it. What? Where did that come from?

Wow, they finally dusted Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) out of the closet. I liked for a second that she was going to go guns blazing against Jason, but then Diane had to beat her down and then Spinelli had to Jackal everything and make Alexis look even more incompetent. Maybe NLG will voluntarily go back in the closet if this is what she gets when she comes out.

I still fail to understand what Claudia gets out of this marriage. She thinks she’ll have her father’s respect, but why she thinks that I don’t know. She loses Ric and gains the greasy little one. Where’s the upside here? Also, did Sonny show up in the same suit and scruffy face he’s been in since he shot Karpov? Because, ewwww.

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Jax/Kate: I wasn’t feeling it. I’ve felt it from them before, but today it wasn’t there. Maybe it was too forced since they were only doing it to spite Carly and Sonny.

Where are Scrubs?