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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Ahhh, my Scrubs loving heart was overjoyed to see that today’s episode would be dedicated to them. Until I realized that an entire non-mobular hour of Scrubs means we likely won’t see them again until 2009. So, in a few weeks, when my alzheimers kicks in and I say, “where are Scrubs”, remind me we had this whole hour.

The good:

1- when they were still in the present, Patrick and Robin sitting on the couch talking about Emma, right behind them on the table was a framed photo of Georgie. I loved that. It’s in the little things.

2- Seeing Alan alive was a bit of a kicker. My first thought was that he had already been killed before Patrick came to town, but then I remembered that Patrick was outside the Metrocourt the night of the explosion.

The bad:

1- My version of a Scrubs episode does NOT include Carly. Sorry, but why did it have to be her at Jake’s? Why does every male on this show somehow think she’s the greatest woman evah? So I was glad that was short lived, but on what planet does Carly dump the hot neurosurgeon?

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2- Maxie’s hair. I know it was ImaginationMaxie, but still. It looked like a horrible rat’s nest on top of her head.

Liz/Patrick versus Matt/Robin: If I wasn’t such a huge Scrubs fan, I could actually see Liz/Patrick as a couple. Matt/Robin on the other hand was just weird. Maybe it’s because he’s her brother in law, or maybe that he’s much younger than her, but their scenes kinda squeeeked me out!!

I’m assuming there’s no episode tomorrow and Friday, due to American Thanksgiving, so to all of you celebrating, happy Thanksgiving!!