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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Hey Kids! Your Mama J's going to be kicking back tomorrow as everyone else will be for Turkey Day so, I decided to give the kiddies a treat a day early. Now If anything happens to come my way Mama may just treat the kids if they are on their best behavior! Secret schemes come to light on The Young and the Restless.

After a heated showdown, Mrs. Ashby winds up in the E.R.

He finally learns the truth about the paternity of Chloe's baby.

He decides to take Gloria down... (YES!)

Jabot Takeover:
During the stockholder's meeting, Jill fills everyone in that she's the CEO and head honcho at Chancellor Industries and Cane will stay on as CEO of Jabot. Billy announces to everyone that he's going to be CEO of Jabot. Seems like big brother Jack fixed it so that Billy will run things. Pissed at his alliance against them, Jill and Cane have a confrontation with Billy in the middle of the meeting. More after the jump!


While this is all taking place, Ashley waltzes in and lets everyone know that SHE, not Billy will be running Jabot. So it seems that a REAL Abbott will run Jabot and not the faux one that is Gloria (Sorry Luke *snickers*). Billy attempts to smooth things over with Jill and Cane after the meeting but both are still fuming at him for his duplicity. Big sister Ashley lets Billy know that she believes in him and is going to prepare him to run Jabot in the future...

Jack: Next week things take a sharp turn in Jack's personal life due to his obsession of besting Victor. Old Smilin' takes Sharon out to a romantic dinner as a way to fix their troubled marriage. While the lovebirds are together, Michael confronts Jack about setting Victor up with the bogus diary.

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Jack feigns innocents when a waiter pops by and gives Sharon an envelope. Inside, it has Jack's credit card statements with his Mexico trip and information that Jack was with a prostitute. Caught between his marriage and his quest to beat Victor and jail time, Jack informs Sharon that he's been seeing hookers on a regular basis because he's a sex addict! Jack figures out that Phyllis was behind the envelope revelation and is hell bent on getting her back..

Rumor: Jeff decides to dime out Gloria on the Jabot cream scandal.