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ABC Daytime Prez, Brian Frons Takes "MTV Approach" to Current Economic Crisis Facing Daytime

For its in depth article on how the situation in Detroit is affecting daytime television— a must read for anyone trying to figure out the logic of a daytime television executive— Ad Age interviewed ABC Daytime President Brian Frons.


According to the article, Frons's strategy to fix what ails daytime is to spend money on CGI and "glitz", while cutting the salaries of his network's stable of talent. Well, we could have told them that.

Brian Frons, president of daytime for Disney-ABC Television Group, said, "Constantly keeping tabs on your costs, by culling the cast and taking an almost 'MTV' approach," is a fact of life for daytime nowadays. But while Mr. Frons confirmed he has had to slash his soap stars' salaries, he said, "We like to negotiate salaries down but not out. Instead, whenever possible, when we cut costs, we aim to do it off-air, in what the audience doesn't see."

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It appears Fron's strategy, while angering a lot of online soap fans, just might be working as AD Age reports All My Children saw a 20 percent ratings increase the week after his CGI-Tornado Porn played out.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't MTV, which just canceled TRL, also in trouble? Help us Holy Ghost.