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Is Grey's Anatomy Ripping Off General Hospital's Ghostmance?

One reader over at TV seems to think Grey's Anatomy's ghostmance between Izzy (Katherine Heigl) and her very dead lover Denny was inspired by Grey's daytime cousin General Hospital's creepy, "spirited" reunion between Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) and Emily (Natalia Livingston). Here's what the reader asked, followed by a response from Matt Mitovich:


With regards to Grey's Anatomy and Denny's ghost being "real" to Izzy, this exact same story played out on General Hospital last year between Nikolas and Emily. If this ends the way that did, Izzy has a brain tumor. — Kathy

MATT: By that thinking, Izzy would then fall in love with the pretty nurse who helps her through the health crisis, and we know ABC ain't having any more of that.Besides, Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes insists that the ghost story "won't involve... a brain tumor." That leads me to believe that Izzy is, as Liz Lemon puts it, "staunchly in favor of Cocoa Puffs," and that Katherine Heigl's character will be leaving the show in a designer (and, one can only hope, Emmy-caliber) straight jacket."

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Somewhere Bob Guza just slapped Brian Frons a high five. Many Hollywood experts are saying Izzy and Denny's ghostmance is a desperate bid to raise the primetime soap's ratings, which are down 17 percent from this time last year. For more primetime scoop from Mitovich and fellow TV senior editor Mickey O'Connor click here.