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There's Always (Bo and) Hope

Like most Days of Our Lives fans, I'm still reeling from the news that we are losing Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn(Marlena and John), however the news that my all-time favorite soap opera supercouple Beauregard "Bo" Brady and Hope Williams Brady (Peter Reckelland Kristian Alfonso) will be sticking around gives me well, hope.


Since Dena Higleycan't be bothered to watch the current air shows she gets paid an obscene amount of money to write—who could blame her? They're dreadful— I figured she just might be able to squeeze in a few of these clips— in between blog posts of course— to see why this couple is so iconic and magical to millions of soap fans.

Anyone who can't come up with further story for this couple either a.) has never known what it feels like to be in love or b.) is lazy and a hack and should get out of the business instead of making excuses about happy couples being boring, those "pesky" fans (you know, the ones keep the lights on) or there not being an appetite for five-day-a-week soaps anymore.

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