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Elizabeth Hubbard Surprises Dutch TV Host During His 25th Anniversary (Update)



Elizabeth Hubbard was one of the surprise guests during yesterday's 12-hour marathon episode of Mooi! Weer De Leeuw, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Dutch TV host Paul de Leeuw.

Paul de Leeuw is a fan of As the World Turns and that's why Elizabeth was there. She congratulated Paul with his anniversary and they talked a little about the show. She mentioned Van Hansis and the Luke and Noah storyline. Paul told her he wanted Lucinda to have a guy in her life again and she told him she has one a guy in the US episodes (On Dutch TV episodes from May 2007 are airing right now). But soap opera's have changed, she told him, because he's more interested in her grandson.

Another guest was introduced, Jeltje van Nieuwenhoven. She's a Dutch politician and also a fan of As the World Turns. She and Paul played a pop quiz with questions about As the World Turns, hosted by Elizabeth herself.

I think Elizabeth is an amazing woman. I loved seeing her on this show. It was a total surprise! She's really funny, especially when she said she hated Iva because she turned out to be Lily's real mother instead of Lucinda. The multiple shout-outs to Larry Bryggman who played Dr. John Dixon were also great. 

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Update: YouTube clips available!