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Ratings Woes Force Tyra Banks Out of Syndication Game

While The CW may be spinning it to appear that moving The Tyra Banks Show from syndication to airing exclusively on the struggling network that airs her popular reality contest America's Next Top Model is a good move, Reuters and The Hollywood Reporter are telling a slightly different a different story.


 Apparently dissapointing  ratings on such broadcast distributors as FOX and My Network TV led to Banks leaving the more lucrative syndie airwaves for a permanent home on the broadcast network. The move to The CW is reportedly contingent on cost cutting efforts being made to the show's budget. The production schedule for the four-year-old talker will reportedly be cut down to 26 weeks from 34, with re-runs from the first four seasons airing at 3 p.m., then followed by a new episode.

Looks like Ty-Ty still has a ways to go before reaching for The Mighty O's crown afterall.

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