The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers!

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At Ridge and Brooke's wedding rehearsal dinner, Phoebe and Rick end up arguing. He takes off in his car, but not before Phoebe gets into the passenger seat. She doesn't put on a seatbelt and he refuses to pull over. She grabs the steering wheel and a tragedy occurs. Rick runs for help and finds Ridge. Phoebe dies in Ridge's arms.

Taylor plans to reconcile with Phoebe after harsh words are exchanged. She collapses on hearing the news of Phoebe's death, and may be in for an emotional breakdown. Thomas asks Ridge to help his mother cope.

Stephanie becomes suspicious of Rick's involvement after overhearing his statement to the police. She blames Rick for Phoebe's death, and wants him prosecuted. Eric comes to Rick's defense. 

Rick goes to Taylor to apologize.

Katie is upset when she sees Nick and Brooke bonding over Jack. Down the line, a "shocking" story is said to be on the cards for Katie and Nick.