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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Hey Days fans, welcome to another Weekly Preview from Denial Island. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to give this week's happenings in Salem a more ‘positive’ spin, but to be honest with you… hold up… wait… STOP THE PRESSES!!! John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Maggie and Stefano are ALL onscreen this week! Guess they said screw the budget, and you wont find me complaining - I now have a reason(s) to watch! But are their storylines any good? Well you tell me. Without further adieu, here’s what’s happening this week on Days of Our Lives (December 1 – 5).


John attends his initial therapy session with Dr. Taylor (Sandra Ferguson) this week. He almost doesn’t go after overhearing Marlena telling Brady of the session. Marlena and Brady persuade him to go, but they might end up regretting that as Dr. Taylor tells John the people around him need to accept him for who he is now. John, of course, is thrilled with this assessment and agrees to further sessions. Watch out for John using Dr. Taylor to make Marlena jealous.

Speaking of Brady, well, he’s just gone and put himself smack bang in the middle of (*warning*) Nicole’s latest dilemma, which is sure to make him regret his return to Salem. I know I would. As spoiled previously, Nicole has gone down the ‘fake pregnancy’ road, but a malicious scheme this is not, no this is a desperate Nicole doing anything to hold on to her man (which, can you blame her, EJ is HAWT, even if he does need a haircut). Anyhoo, Brady gets caught up in this when he sees Nicole still sporting a pregnant belly. She convinces him to stay quiet. She also convinces Dr. Baker to do the same thing. Well, he can’t say much, there are laws against releasing that information, but this is a soap - laws are disregarded at will. Dr. Baker also tells Nicole she’ll never have another baby, but you never say never in Salem; there really is something in the water there.

Back at DiMansion, EJ tells Stefano of Nicole’s pregnancy scares and Stefano organizes DiPhysician to come check her out. EJ is supportive of the idea, but Nicole freaks (of course, who wants to be caught out duping Stefano?). In an uncharacteristic move, Stefano agrees to cancel the OB/GYN after Nicole gives him what for (my body, my baby, blah blah blah). Are they dumbing down Stefano now? The guy who knew Sami was pregnant before she did? UGH! The high point (sort of) of this is that at the same time, Rafe was sneaking around DiMansion and saw Nicole readjusting her ‘fake’ bump… so there’s another person who could be suspicious. But will he tell Sami?

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Rafe’s got his hands full at the moment. With the lowdown on EJ, he gets why Sami doesn’t want let the DiMera’s get their hands on another of her children. They go back to the convent, but there they run into a homeless man and Rafe has the smart realization that Sami really shouldn’t be out of the loft because she’s in the witness protection program. Sami sneaks a pamphlet out of the convent and makes plans to contact Sister Theresa on her own, Rafe gets Hilda back, who brings photo’s of Allie and Johnny and a Christmas tree for trimming (bonding scene between Sami and Rafe comes next week).

Daniel gives Kate the bad news about her cancer – it has spread to her lymph nodes and bone marrow; this pretty much breaks up the ‘Welcome Home Kate’ impromptu party. Apparently, Kate can now be cured by a transplant and so all the family are tested for compatibility. In another odd move, it turns out that Chloe is a match, and does that freak anyone else out? Chloe is a match for her future mother-in-law? Erm… okaaay. Chloe wants to help Kate out, but Kate vetoes the idea until she learns it’s pretty safe for Chloe to donate and that she’s about to be her future daughter-in-law (Lucas spills the happy news).

Over at Titan, the newest employees have their first days (I think). (*warning*) Melanie’s doesn’t get off to a good start, Philip gives her a list of tasks a mile long and she feels overwhelmed (Brooke bites tongue). She’s determined to do Philip proud and prove her worth however, at least, that’s what she tells Maggie. Stephanie was surprised (to say the least) to find Melanie working at Titan, but falls for Philip’s explanation and gives her new boss a hug – and kiss apparently. Way to go Steph! Canoodling with the boss in your first week, you go girl!

Speaking of canoodling, Kayla and Steve (yes, THE Kayla and Steve! Remember them?) try to plan a special romantic evening for the two of them amongst their busy schedules – so busy in fact, it’s kept them off our screens for the good part of a few months (yes, I know, I’m bitter). They discuss Steph’s growing attraction to Philip (and work through the maze that is the Brady/Kiriakis family tree to see if they’re related, or almost related in any way (adoption), shape (blood) or form [whether they’ve looked at each other ever]). More Steve and Kayla next week (woot! Christmas has come early!).

In other, more boring storylines:

Bo gives Max the box he inherited from Trent. Gah! Haven’t we heard the last of Trent yet? For eff’s sake!

That's it for this week. Hope y'all enjoy this week's episodes - with all the vets onscreen, I know I'll enjoy it! As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the Days forum at TV Fan Online.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer:  All spoilers are subject to my interpretation, which has been known to be wrong *shock* hard to believe I know LOL