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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I missed the first minute or so, so my first thought when I saw KateJax was that they were really wet/sweaty and I thought that was more visual than I needed. But then later on Kate mentioned to Olivia that Carly threw a bucket of cold water on them and that explained the wetness. Pheww!!

Speaking of Carly, I know she always goes wacky and declares vengeance on people, but does she not have anything better to do than to wreak vengeance on people? I know vengeance wreaking characters are a soap staple, but it just gets tiring that it’s always Carly. And it’s always for the wrong reasons. “I cheated on my husband with my ex husband and destroyed my marriage and he moved on, therefore I will mess up whoever he moved on with.” You know, every once in a while, I would like to see growth from Carly. I saw it briefly after Micheal was shot, but not lately.

Hated Kate blaming Olivia for Sonny marrying Claudia. Talk about someone who’s constantly in denial.

Hated everything JoLu today. Hated Lulu smart mouthing the cop. Wanted the cop to arrest her for being annoying. And then Johnny had to turn into Mr Asshat of the Year (an award usually reserved for Sonny!!). Ugh. What a tiresome couple with nothing of interest to offer me.

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Loved the Nik/Luke scene. Half the time I don’t even care what they’re talking about, I just like when they’re being civil towards each other.

Even though I like Anthony and hate Sonny, I kind of liked Sonny taking charge and letting Anthony know who’s boss. Mostly because it was a dumb plan on Anthony’s part in the first place. Yeah, kind of makes me feel dirty to side with Sonny!!

Is it just me or do both Sonny and Claudia look way happier about this marriage of convenience than they should? Hated seeing Ric hurt by it.

I appreciate that Liz has suddenly seen the light, but really, too little too late. And if I thought for one minute that it would change things and she wouldn’t be panting after Jason again in February, I’d be happy, but I know this won’t change anything. Just like Micheal’s coma hasn’t changed Sonny or Carly. Or Kate’s shooting hasn’t opened her eyes to the truth that is Sonny.