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Last Week's B&B: Tramp Gets Dumped, Bratty Sons Scheme


Eric (John McCook) continued to string along Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and Stephanie (Susan Flannery) while he made up his mind over which one was worthy of him. What a silly old goat. Stephanie should crush him and Donna both, not put up with this nonsense. At the very least, she should drag that skank out by her hair (she’s done it before). It’s not the first time two women have been pitted against each other to “try out” as wifey on The Bold and the Beautiful. Ridge (Ronn Moss) did the same thing, but even more sleazily, when Taylor (Hunter Tylo) last came back from the dead.

A highlight of sorts was Stephanie pushing the blonde trollop’s head underwater whilst she was having a bubble bath. Poor thing. If only she’d held her under a little longer. Murder may be harsh, but I’d be okay with it. Lieutenant Baker couldn’t find his ass in the dark, so Stephanie would never be prosecuted. Plus, they have a lovely spot on the Forrester estate for a grave, right next to Tiny. Just keep Prince Omar away from her corpse, I don’t want this one coming back.

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Rick focused his attentions on Steffie, but she blew him off because she could see through his manipulations. She’s a smart girl, and she has some sass. I’m liking her. I’m liking Evil Rick even more – anyone determined to take down that arrogant jackass Ridge gets my vote.

Brooke and Ridge decided to marry (again) in Malibu. Damn, I was hoping for a recreation of the jungle wedding with Ridge in a loincloth.

Katie made it out of the house for once, but decided to spend her time moaning to Owen and Stephanie about Donna and Eric’s relationship. If your mother and sister had already been married to this old guy (Eric), would you be so keen to keep another sister in his bed? Seems a bit gross to me. Shut up and go and play Nerf basketball, Katie, you little drip.

By the week’s end, Thorne’s silly plot to break up Donna and Eric seemed to have worked. He hired two look-alikes, who were caught on camera doing the do. Eric got stroppy and pushed some things off his desk. I was half-fearing he’d have another heart attack. Thorne’s bound to end up with egg on his face at the end of this sorry mess of a storyline (please, tell me there is an end in sight). So, Donna got dumped, but how long is that going to last? I predict more screentime for her and Eric’s “romance” soon.