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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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A child gets kidnapped. Two people searching for him get caught in some sort of cave fall in. And we don’t have follow up on that the next day? The heck??

As a giant Ric fan, with a mild liking of Claudia and an extreme hatred of Sonny, I’m not a fan of the way this marriage of convenience is playing out. We have Sonny, saint of the perpetual victim. Claudia, who despite her supposed toughness and lack of interest in all things marriage, suddenly looking like she wants to kiss all of Sonny’s boo-boos away. And we have Ric, who can never win and always gets the short end of the stick, pinning away for Claudia and being bossed around by Sonny. What I would have loved, is after Sonny left to go and see Kate, that Claudia and Ric would have united (in and out of bed) as a force against everything Sonny/Anthony. Show us Claudia being the dutiful daughter/docile mob wife to Sonny and daddy’s faces, but the tigress with a brain, behind their backs, with Ric. Eh, I can dream, can’t I?

Why is Monica accepting Luke in the house, rather than throwing Tracy out of the house?

Why would JoLu need to go on the run? Yes, he hit a cop, but that cop was so scared of the Zachara name, I doubt he would have pressed charges (which, in the end, he didn’t). Not sure how I feel about a Spixie-JoLu friendship, but I do like that Maxie and Lulu are kind of/sort of friends.

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Nadine’s phone call to Nikolas made me go “what? Nadine’s still on this show and she’s still talking about marriage”. Totally forgotten that story was brewing.

Kudos to Megan Ward. I find myself saying that a lot, despite Kate’s limited story time. Despite my hate for Sonny and my disinterest in Skate, I did like their fight today. Well played on both their parts. Sonny, totally clueless, wanting what he wants with no repercussions. And Kate, sort of finally buying a clue, and letting him have it with both barrels.

Sonny: “What do you want from me?”

Kate: “I begged you not to do this. You are not back in the mob because you love me. You’re back in the mob because you love it. Why don’t you just own it. OWN IT.”