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General Hospital Spoilers

Sorry for being MIA... it's been Baby madness (she's too precious for words) and then I went and caught the flu, again. Thankfully this one seems to be only the 24 hour type. I hope everyone had a safe and thankful holiday.


Here's the Scoop! 12.02.08

Jerry's back...Sebastian Roche returns. Remember we've been saying how Jerry is only presumed dead. Roche returns to wrap it all up. Will this be a classic GH re-do? RUMORS have Jerry getting a little revenge ala Diego before he really dies but does anyone ever really die on a soap?

Carly is on the revenge path... will Trevor team up with her? Who else would be interested in sticking it to Jax? Nikolas! There are a few fans that think a Nikolas and Carly pairing could be hot but what we MAY get is the pair teaming up to take down Kate and Jax. Also, remember I mentioned Lulu playing a part in this. Lulu is back at work, shocking I know, and Carly wants her cousin to give her as much dirt on Kate as possible. There are RUMORS about Carly inserting her way into Crimson with Maxie and Lulu taking sides. Now, if you were Carly and wanted the perfect revenge what would you do? It seems like taking away the career that had Kate giving up her identity is a good place to start.

Will Kate give Carly a public setting to carry out her plan? RUMORS have Kate throwing a Holiday Party with most of the town in attendance. Is this that long forgotten Crimson Party? If the RUMORS are true, Carly gets her hands on Crimson, outs Kate as Connie to the entire party and announces that she is out of a job. Is this the lead up to Megan Ward's exit? It's been RUMORED that she will exit by the end of the year.

Maxie and Lulu... They MAY be standing in their respective corners where work is concerned but will the one-time rivals become roomies? RUMORS have both ladies over their family's involvement in their social life and decide to move out and in with each other. What about the RUMORS that Johnny and Lulu would be cohabitating? Would you live where you killed your ex-boyfriend?

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Are the Zacharra's making a move against Jason? Wouldn't that be Sonny making a move against Jason? Is this all a part of Anthony's plan? Sonny is in charge of the Z Family biz, but is he really? It's all about putting Jason and Sonny against each other for Anthony and it looks like the Z's make a strike against Jason.

Sonny and Olivia... Sonny and his new wife... Which end is up? For now, Skate appears to be dead. Will they ever get back on the same track? What about Olivia? We SHOULD be seeing Sonny spending more time with his old flame, most likely as a build up to the big Dante reveal. What about Claudia? There are RUMORS that Claudia puts an end to her tryst with Ric and that she wants to consummate her marriage to Sonny. Will Sonny ever learn that Claudia set up the shooting that landed Michael in a coma? It looks like we're heading down that road. Is it all too much for one character?


Nikolas and Nadine... There's the stuff with Aunt Raylene coming up, a possible last wish and NIkadine seriously considering a walk down the aisle. Are Nadine's hopes crushed when Nikolas' attorneys come through with the immigration papers?

Liason... Very bumpy road ahead. December sounds like a bad month for a Liason fan. We've talked about most of what's out there. Elizabeth tells Jason she can't do it anymore. Will they ever get it together? RUMORS say Dante will affect Liason's story. How? Well it looks like when Dante hits town he's dealing with a father he never knew, a father who is a mob boss no less and his mom's decision to keep his paternity a secret. Sounds a lot like Jake doesn't it?


RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Dante will appear in late January. LuSam get engaged. Some feel the Dante story is a good way to revisit Liason. Good news for Scrubs fans is RUMORED to be coming. Lucky wants Lulu to see what Elizabeth had to go through just for loving a mob man. Elizabeth starts having nightmares. Johnny needs a job. Sonny catches his brother and his bride in bed together. Diane quits as Sonny's attorney. Will we see a Davis and Miller Law Firm? RUMOR that Sarah Brown is staying for another year.