The Young and the Restless 2009 Spoilers

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Interesting things are happening with The Young and the Restless coming 2009.


According to Maria Arena Bell, Victoria Rowell(Drucilla) is not coming back and there aren't any plans for her to return either.

Her return from the dead is going to be complicated.

Christine: The lawyer formerly known as Cricket (Lauralee Bell) will return to Genoa City.

  A extravagant wedding is going to be organized for two main characters in the Spring

Death: A central character will bite the bullet in a stunning way.

Rumor: Adam and Heather on the way out? That's the word from Soap Opera Weekly, once the duo get married. Keep in mind its a RUMOR and not fact.

Coming up: A wedding planner for Adam and Heather makes their way onscreen on Dec. 12.