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Wishful Casting: Don Diamont as Kendall's First Love Anton on All My Children!

I have to say I am fairly shocked to hear that Don Diamont(Brad) is leaving The Young and the Restless. This has to be the first major flag on the play for the new Dream Team behind CBS's rejuvenated sudser.


Diamont has long been one of the biggest draws for the soap and fans were looking forward to finally seeing his relationship with Sharon (Sharon Case) explored. Then there is the fact that his adopted daughter Abby is rumored to be returning to town as a teenager soon, which would no doubt reignite Brad's bitterness toward Victor (Eric Braeden), whose sperm was famously stolen by Brad's ex-wife Ashley (Eileen Davidson) to produce the tyke.

Oh well, Y&R is so good these days, I won't question too many of the exec decisions, but since Diamont is on his way out of Genoa City, I think it would be hella nice if he turned up in Tornado Valley as Anton Lang, the illegitimate son of Dimitrick Marick (then-Michael Nader) and ex-husband of Kendall Hart (then-Sarah Michelle Gellar; now Alicia Minshew) on All My Children. Diamont is only five years older than the original Anton (Rudolph Martin) and could easily pass for the son of the once-dashing Nader.

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With Pine Valley in a rebuilding stage—literally and figuratively— I think a nice, epic love triangle between Zach (Thorsten Kaye), Kendall and gothic romance novel antihero Anton could set the show on fire. Plus Anton could boot that sketchy David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) OUT of Wildwind! (I'm convinced the Soap Gods struck down that nasty nurse Julia (Sydney Penny) for turning my favorite soap manor into a bed and breakfast for miscreants.) A Zach/Kendall/Anton saga  would certainly be a better option than having Zack and Ryan (Cameron Mathison) square off again. 

What if Anton shares a secret past with Reese (Tamara Braun)? What if he sneaks into town and whisks Kendall away to a castle in Hungary, faking her death? AMC could do a splashy location shoot with Zach, Erica, Jackson, Reese, Bianca, Tad, Krystal, David and Adam all heading to Hungary to resuce Kendall. Meanwhile Kendall doesn't want to leave and has fallen back in love with the faux Count Andrassi!  Okay, enough with the fan fic, you get my drift. Diamont is still a hot commodity and Brian Frons should snap him up before Days of Our Lives brings him on as a veterinarian for Chloe's purse pup.