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DC Exclusive: Soap's Original Bad Boy Sean Kanan Talks A.J. , Deacon, Jack Rio and "Sex"

General Hospital and The Bold and Beautiful alum Sean Kanan is thinking a lot about sex these days. He has to, it's part of his job description. Kanan is starring in It's Just Sex,  a daring, comedic exploration about what can happen when three couples decide to switch partners. The play runs through Dec. 28 at the Two Roads Theatre in Studio City, Ca.


Daytime Confidential recently caught up with Kanan about his role in It's Just Sex, as well as his new movie Jack Rio, and his time in Port Charles as Quartermaine bad seed A.J. We also reminisce about his memorable stint as Deacon Sharpe, the man who notoriously deflowered a young Bridget Forrester (then-Jennifer Finnigan) while he had her father Eric (John McCook) muted on speaker phone, and later sired baby Hope with Bridget's own mother, the sexsational Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). 

We also get Kanan's thoughts about the planned update of The Karate Kid—Kanan starred in The Karate Kid III— producer Will Smith's dream project for his and Jada Pinkett-Smith's son Jaden.Then we ask the question Kanan's droves of loyal soap fans have been waiting years to have answered, would the talented actor/writer/producer ever consider a return to Sudsville, U.S.A? His answer may surprise you.

Daytime Confidential: So let's talk about sex. What is the story behind your new play?

Sean Kanan: (Laughs) Well, to tell you about It's Just Sex, I have to take you back to 1996. I was producing and starring in a performance of Sam Shepard's True West directed by Mark Blanchard, who also co-produced it with me. We had a blast working together and always said we wanted to do it again. So flash forward 12 years later and he's directing It's Just Sex. Mark said, 'I want you to do this play', I read it and thought it was terrific.

DC: What is the premise of It's Just Sex?

SK: The basic plot is, you have three couples who are all good friends, and are all at different places in their marriage. One night, they come up with the great idea to swap partners, which leads to life-changing, poignant, yet very funny, circmustances.

DC: Wow, sounds kinky, but then you're no stranger to kink after your role as Deacon on The Bold and the Beautiful. Is there any chance we might get to see you steaming up the sheets with some Forrester females anytime soon?

SK: (Laughs) know, I don't know. They've had ample opportunity to bring me back. It was a great experience playing Deacon and I would definitely consider going back, but I am looking forward to the future. Gotta keep moving.

DC: If Deacon can't make a return visit to the fictional Los Angeles universe of the Forresters and Logans, what about him showing up in Genoa City? Your former onscreen partner-in-crime Adrienne Frantz (Amber Moore) is doing the work of her career on The Young and the Restless. Would you consider taking Deacon to the other Bell soap?

SK: I would absolutely love to do Y&R. I loved working with Adrienne. She is an amazingly-talented person. It would be great to have Amber and Deacon mixing it up again.

DC: It would be amazing! As great as Amber's crossover has been, the one thing I've always had a bit of an issue with is that she seems to have forgotten Little Eric, or Little D as Deacon renamed him when he won custody (Deacon fathered a child with Amber's cousin Becky on The Bold and the Beautiful. Amber passed the child off as her son with Rick Forrester. Once it was discovered, Deacon ultimately won custody of his son, but allowed Amber to stay in his life). That kid was such a huge part of Amber's mythology; I can't imagine she wouldn't be in touch with Little D. and Deacon.

SK: I agree.  

DC: So let's talk about your other popular soap role, AJ Quartermaine on General Hospital.  Have you followed the soap since you left? Were you aware that The Powers That Be decided to kill the character off?

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SK: Oh yeah, I knew they killed him off. I hang out with a couple of guys from GH. Tyler Christopher(Nikolas),  Dirk Cheetwood (Max) and that whole gang.  

DC: Was it weird for you to know AJ had been killed off?

SK: Not really. I felt bad for Billy Warlock (Warlock assumed the role of AJ after Kanan). I was sorry to see that run end for him, but I have been out of that world of GH for so long. I had a lot of fun doing that character, but I don't think their plan is to call me back anytime soon! (Laughs)

DC: One of your fellow Bold and Beautiful alums, who also co-starred in Carpool Guy with you, Rick Hearst has been on GH for a couple of years now and has a large and vocal fanbase. Any chance we'll see you two work together again? You make pretty hilarious rivals.

SK: Rick is definitely someone else I would love the opportunity to work with again. He is a brilliant actor and a great guy. I would definitely think about him for parts in any project that I produce.

DC: Speaking of producing. I recently read that Will Smith is producing an update of Karate Kid for his son Jaden to star in. Any chance we'll see you reprise your role from Karate Kid III?

SK: You know I read about that! That would be great. Who wouldn't want to work with Will Smith?

DC: Maybe Mike Barnes (the villain Kanan beat out over 2,000 actors to portray in KKIII) has a kid who could go up against WIl's son and Daniel (Ralph Macchio) could be the good kid's karate teacher?

SK: (Laughs) I love it! Ralph as the new Mr. Miyagi!

DC: Will Smith isn't the only actor producing his own projects; you recently helmed the indie movie Jack Rio, written by All My Children and Days of Our Lives alum Matthew Borlenghi and Gregori J. Martin (who also co-wrote Manhattanites with We Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb). What is Jack Rio about?

SK: Jack Rio stars Matt Borlenghi in the title role, as a famous actor trying to escape the television persona that made him famous, when a string of murders start happening around him. It's a really intense, psychological thriller.  There are a lot of familiar faces from daytime in the movie, likeNadia Bjorlin(Chloe, Days of Our Lives), James Patrick Stuart (ex-Will, All My Children) and Monti Sharp (ex-David, Guiding Light; ex-Justus, General Hospital). We're in the process of getting distribution. 

DC: It's awesome to see so many talented people from soaps branching out and doing their own thing.

SK: You have to, that's the thing. Daytime is changing.  I loved doing soaps and if the right opportunity came up, I would go back, under the right circumstances, but for right now I am content doing theater and doing my movies. I'm happy whee I'm at. Who knows what's going to come next?

For information on tickets and showtimes for It's Just Sex, call 818-762-2282, or visit the Two Roads Theatre page at No patrons under 18 will be admitted. To keep up with the latest news from Sean Kanan, visit him on My Space or visit his official website. You can also learn more about Jack Rio at the official My Space designation for the flick.